Did You Know

Did You Know?

You could live for a month without food, but you would be dead after a week without water!

Want to Help?

Want to Help?

Solving the world's water needs takes partnership; come share in the work to see communities changed forever!

Project» Kosovo

Well Rehabilitation, septic installation, river restoration, & training.

A unique blend of European, Islamic and Mediterranean cultures, the recently formed nation of Kosovo has rich natural and human resources. Sadly, most of the 2 million people still do not have access to safe water, waste water treatment or refuse removal. This is particularly true in rural areas, including Tushile, a community of 800 ethnic Albanians. We are working with them to develop a safe water system that will meet the domestic water needs for the entire community.

When they have reached their goals, every family will have water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and a small garden. Their water resources will be managed more appropriately, including a sanitation and refuse disposal system to keep local waste out of the river. The newly formed Village Water Committee will oversee the stages of water development, including training the villagers so they can manage, maintain and repair their own water resources, and be able to do so for the surrounding communities.

Incredibly, the cost of ensuring that all the villagers in Tushile have all the water they need for daily life is about $1/day each for a year! What an investment!

Project Report:

  • Project Costs: $ 300,000 ($1/day per person)
  • Lives Improved: 800+
  • Time-Span: Nov 2008 - Dec 2012