Did You Know

Did You Know?

You could live for a month without food, but you would be dead after a week without water!

Want to Help?

Want to Help?

Solving the world's water needs takes partnership; come share in the work to see communities changed forever!

Project» Indonesia

Fresh water delivery system

"How can we help the mountainside communities of Bali to improve their quality of life?" we asked renowned expert Rus Alit of the Bali Appropriate Technology Institute. His answer led a team organized by Water for Life to engage in a water project, completed in June of 2006.

These communities are situated in hilly, jungle-like terrain. To meet the needs of these villages, twenty-five students from the University of the Nations helped villagers install a hydraulic ram pump, a storage tank, and a piping system to link two villages. This simple pump is easily built with local supplies, and moves water up the mountainside without electricity. The water then flows through pipes buried in underground trenches to water storage tanks in each village. Having easy access to fresh water has greatly encouraged the people to further develop their communities.

Project Report:

  • Project Costs: $3000
  • Lives Improved: 400-500
  • Time-Span: June 2006