Did You Know

Did You Know?

You could live for a month without food, but you would be dead after a week without water!

Want to Help?

Want to Help?

Solving the world's water needs takes partnership; come share in the work to see communities changed forever!

Water for Life Internships

work together in an intense team atmosphere focused on project development and appropriate water technology

Water For Life is prepared to equip you with classroom and on-site training in water, sanitation, and hygiene practices. These include water project assessment, household water treatment methods, basic hygiene education, water project development, and other appropriate water technology skills. By training and working with the Water For Life team, you will be prepared to address the water needs in your community. You will find ways to work with others on practical, sustainable, and affordable solutions that can be applied immediately to the water needs in the area in which you live or work. Click here for more information about our training seminars and our training locations for 2011.

Our Water For Life training seminars are 1-2 week workshops designed to provide a balanced approach to the necessary water and sanitation knowledge needed to understand the water crisis faced by billions of people, and the hands-on skills essential for making practical changes for a family’s or community’s water/sanitation infrastructure.

Participants work together in an intense team atmosphere focused on project development and appropriate water technology. Participants also receive instruction on water/sanitation/hygiene education and methods of teaching this knowledge in developing nations. In addition, participants learn how to develop and manage water, sanitation, and hygiene projects, as well as the technical and hands-on skills needed to complete them.

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Our goal is to help people gain the knowledge and experience they need to help themselves and their communities.


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Uganda sits amongst some of the most war torn nations of Africa. Northern Uganda has seen almost 25 years of brutal rebel activity. To the north, South Sudan has seen an incredible 40 years of war and suffering between the Arab north and the black south. To the west the Democratic Republic of Congo has had a vicious 8 years of fighting as the central government collapsed from within.


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A unique blend of European, Islamic and Mediterranean cultures, the recently formed nation of Kosovo has rich natural and human resources. Sadly, most of the 2 million people still do not have access to safe water, waste water treatment or refuse removal.


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As a nation that has endured one of the most horrific genocides in recent history, Cambodia is a land rich with hope & promise.  Climbing out of despair brought by the Khmer Rouge in the mid 1970's, this resilient nation is energetically pressing forward to a brighter tomorrow.